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Our Animal Hospital in Amesbury Cares

Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital began caring for pets out of a garage in 1968. Since then, this animal hospital in Amesbury has grown into its own building and has plenty of tools at their disposal for top-notch care. But no matter how many years have passed, and technologies advanced, the mission of Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital remains: to give your dogs and cats the finest in medical care, while building relationships with them and their loving owners. Along with that, our animal hospital in Amesbury makes each appointment as calming as possible for your furry friends with stress free visits. We hope this will put them and you at ease every time you come through our doors. We hope to see you soon, for years to come!

Our Veterinary Services

Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital in Amesbury provides a plethora of veterinary services for your pets. These include, but are not limited to:

Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital also has an in-house pharmacy fully stocked for your furry friend’s medicinal needs.

If you live in Amesbury and want to bring your pet to Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, contact us at 978-388-3074 for an appointment.

Animal Hospital in Amesbury Animal Hospital in Amesbury

"Bella is a nervous dog and all of the staff including Dr. Wojcicki are very nice, gentle and understanding of Bella's needs."
     Laura B, Salisbury

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