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Hospice Care for Senior Pets

When your senior pet has reached the end of their journey, their comfort and quality of life is so important. After a long, happy life with you, ensuring that they are comfortable and at ease during their last months, weeks, and days is our goal. The veterinary team at Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital is here to be your support during this difficult time, providing hospice care services for the pets, and compassionate support for you. Hospice care is a customized experience for each patient and their family, depending on their condition, age, life expectancy, and more. Hospice care often includes:

There are many more things that may be offered or recommended for pets in hospice care, depending on their specific needs and concerns. If your pet is reaching the end of their golden years, please contact our team for assistance. Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital is here for you, for the life of your pet.

"We couldn't be happier with the care our pets receive at MVAH."
     Nancy C, Amesbury

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