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Amesbury Veterinary Dental Care

Pet dental care is one of the most important aspects of healthcare for pets. We provide complete pet dental care for our patients, beginning with routine dental checks as a part of our annual physical examinations. We may recommend a number of dental care treatment options, depending on our findings.

An unclean mouth leads to more than just bad breath. When tarter and plaque buildup on teeth, they trap toxins in the gum line causing periodontal disease. These toxins can then seep into the bloodstream, possibly poisoning internal organs. Dental disease is just the first step in disintegrating health and it can lead to other, more serious conditions such as heart disease, liver disease, and kidney failure. Routine dental maintenance and preventive care is the only way to truly offset the negative effects of dental disease.

Routine Pet Dental Care

When our veterinary team prescribes a professional dental cleaning for our patients, it is often because we have observed a concern with your pet’s oral health. Our dental cleanings are all performed under anesthesia for your pet’s comfort and safety, and each patient is monitored during the procedure. During a dental cleaning, we examine the mouth, clean away plaque and tarter buildup, and polish the teeth. We may also perform dental x-rays to assess dental health below the gum line. Veterinary dentists tell us that 30% of the disease in the mouth takes place under the gum only detected by x-ray. Any necessary extractions of diseased teeth may be performed at this time as well.

Dental Surgery

Our own Dr. O'Dell has extensive experience and a special interest in oral surgery. She performs our dental surgeries, including tooth extractions of diseased teeth as needed. When Dr. O’Dell performs oral surgery, she is always concerned about the comfort and well-being of her patients: before, during, and after a procedure.

At-Home Dental Care

For your convenience, we provide a wide range of exceptional veterinary products at our hospital to be purchased for at-home use. We sell toothpaste, toothbrushes, and some Greenies products which can help to minimize tartar and build-up on teeth. We recommend regular at-home oral care, including teeth brushing, to ensure that your pet maintains their dental health all year round, even between physical exams.

Our veterinary team can also help to recommend the best foods for your pet’s dental health. We recommend Hill’s prescription t/d diet or Healthy Advantage Oral + both available at MVAH. These foods can help to keep mouths healthier between dental cleanings. We only recommend foods and products that are endorsed by VOHC, or the Veterinary Oral Health Council. If you have questions or concerns, we will be happy to discuss your pet’s oral condition with you.

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"Once again, an outstanding experience at MVAH."
     Amy C, Merrimac

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