Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips in Amesbury, MA

Halloween may be an exciting season for us and our children, but it can be dangerous for our furry friends! There are a number of dangers that can affect them at this time of the year. We recommend that all pet owners keep an eye on their pets at Halloween and ensure that they are protected. Some common Halloween concerns are detailed below:

Hazards to Pets in During the Halloween Season

  • Halloween is characterized by delicious treats and lots of candy, but it’s important to remember that candy is toxic for our pets to eat! Chocolate and sugar free candy is especially hazardous for them. If your pet gets a hold of Halloween candy, be sure to contact the Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital team immediately so we can determine whether emergency medical treatment is necessary.
  • If you’re dressing your pet up in a Halloween costume, make sure they are always supervised while in costume. Clothing is not natural for animals so they may become stressed or even struggle to remove it. Keep an eye on your pet all the time they’re dressed up and use your best judgement. If they look uncomfortable, they should have the costume removed.

Jack-o-lanterns are well-loved Halloween decorations, but they can be dangerous ones! If they are lit with a candle and they’re tipped over the hot wax or the flame could cause severe burns or a fire.


If you have questions about your pet’s safety this season, please contact our team for assistance. We’re committed to helping each pet lead a long, healthy, and happy life!

The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams

Staffordshire terrier and cat

Whether your pet is 9 months or 9 years of age, they need healthcare on a regular basis so you can be sure that they’re healthy. Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital near Newburyport recommends comprehensive wellness exams at least once a year for dogs and cats of all ages, but more frequent exams may be required for senior pets. And for a limited time, we’re offering a special for all of our NEW patients. If your dog or cat has not yet received services at our hospital, they can receive their first pet wellness exam for just $20! That’s a $30 savings!

About the Wellness Exam

At Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, we place a strong emphasis on prevention with our services, so we examine each pet from nose-to-tail, including weight, temperature, and heart rate. Every wellness exam is an opportunity for our doctors to either determine that your pet is healthy or provide treatment recommendations if they’re not. The results of these exams also allow us to create a health profile so we can check your pet’s progress from year to year.

Our wellness services are tailored for every life stage, ranging from the puppy/kitten years through the geriatric years, with consideration to the unique needs of every life stage, breed, and lifestyle. We can also update vaccinations if they’re due to keep your pet protected from any potentially-fatal diseases or viruses. If necessary, we can recommend diagnostic care as well to examine your pet internally. This allows us to make a more accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition and provide the most effective treatment.

If you’ve noticed any abnormalities or other areas of concern regarding your pet, we encourage you to make us aware of them during these visits. This includes behavior, eating habits, diet, weight, and physical appearance. Please also feel free to ask us any questions about how to best care for your pet from home. Together, we can help keep your pet healthy and happy for a lifetime.

Is Your Pet Due for a Checkup?

If your pet is due for their annual or bi-annual wellness exam near Newburyport, schedule an appointment today at Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital…and remember, if your pet is a new patient, they can receive their first wellness exam for just $20! We love seeing our patients and the people who love them, and we look forward to meeting new ones!


How Do Wellness Exams Help Your Pet?


The Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital team believes in the importance of annual wellness examinations for each one of our patients. Having your pet brought in to our hospital to be examined by our veterinarians offers them the opportunity to have potential health problems identified earlier. Also, regular check-ups offer our veterinarians the opportunity to keep a check on developing issues in our patients. For example, if we see a pet often enough, we can tell when something is even slightly different from the last visit and can take steps to identify the cause of the change.

What Happens During My Pet’s Wellness Exam?

During your pet’s annual wellness visit, you can expect the following:

  • Complete nose-to-tail physical examination
    • Ears
    • Eyes
    • Mouth
    • Skin and hair coat
    • Lumps and bumps check
    • Joints, muscles, and mobility
    • Abdomen
    • Feet
    • …and more
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnostics, if preliminary examinations indicate their necessity
  • An open conversation with your veterinarian

What Else does Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital Offer?

At Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, we offer a range of preventive veterinary services to ensure that your pet is always able to live their best life, pain free! In addition to routine services like wellness checks, vaccination, and pest prevention, we provide tailored life-stage care for puppies and kittens to senior pets. Our team also makes an effort to encourage healthy lifestyles through nutritional counseling and weight management.

If you have questions about our range of exceptional veterinary services, please don’t hesitate to ask! We would love to talk with you about ensuring that your pet is on the road to good health, with a long and happy life ahead!

Special Promo for New Clients

Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital offers first visit savings for all new patients to our hospital. For new pets, first visits are $20, a savings of $30! We love to welcome new patients and new pet families to our practice and we look forward to meeting you and your pet for the first time!