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Our Animal Hospital in Amesbury: Focusing on Low-Stress Pet Exams

Does your dog or cat get overly anxious when it’s time to visit the vet? Do you have a difficult time even getting them inside the building? If so, come to Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital. Our animal hospital in Amesbury prides itself on providing low-stress pet visits. This is achieved with a variety of anxiety-decreasing remedies. These include not being in the waiting room for too long, speaking calmly to your furry friends, having many treats on hand, and much more. Our animal hospital in Amesbury is even designed to calm your anxious pets. This is so we can then provide them with the veterinary care they need and deserve. To have a non-stressful trip to the vet, visit Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital today.

Our Veterinary Services

Our animal hospital in Amesbury provides the following services for all pets, that include, but are not limited to:

If you want to bring your pet to Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, contact us at 978-388-3074 for an appointment.

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"Bella is a nervous dog and all of the staff including Dr. Wojcicki are very nice, gentle and understanding of Bella's needs."
     Laura B, Salisbury

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