Great care and detailed explanations for all questions asked. Thank you!
-Mike & Dianna J.

Reviews for Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital

At Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, we love to receive feedback from our clients. Your words about our care help us to improve and hearing that you are pleased with your pet’s care makes all our hard work worthwhile! We invite you to share your thoughts and reviews with us via email. We look forward to hearing from you.

You guys are the best! I always recommend you. Bailey’s favorite place to visit!
-Sue D.

Everyone was friendly. Very close to home for me and convenient.
-Shane V.

Great care and detailed explanations for all questions asked. Thank you.
-Mike & Dianna J.

There are no words to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the care and special attention you provide to Morgan and Maggie Mae.
-Rhonda R.

Always a great experience. They take such good care of me and my pets. So grateful that Dr. Wojcicki is my vet, and that the staff is so wonderful.
-Maureen & Robert W.

Had a great experience. Very friendly staff and very professional.
-Dawn B.

Always great care. They are prompt, patient and kind with my dog. They take the time to listen to what I’m saying and work with me to come up with solutions. Staff is always pleasant.

I trust and value the care provided to my dogs by the vets and techs explicitly. The minute we walk in the door my dogs are treated with love. Whenever I call I’m responded to immediately and with genuine concern. I love my MVAH!
-Melina S.

kitten laying on book

Everyone was so helpful and overall a great first experience! Looking forward to working with the staff at MVAH!
-Renee N.

The vet is excellent and goes to the point on all my little one needs.
-Luzmarie P.

Although we have recently lost both of our friendly felines (they were 14 and 17), all of the staff were very helpful and empathetic to our families loss. Thank you!

Excellent as always.
-Beth & Gary I.

As always we received wonderful care for our two dogs. We are worry warts and always have constant questions and their staff is kind and patient in answering our questions and helping the overall health and well being of our animals both at their facility and at home. I couldn’t be happier!
-Geoffrey Hills

Great staff-professional and compassionate.
-Donna J.

I have a wonderful cat, but he turns into evil cat anytime he goes to the vet. They are able to treat him & always understanding and kind to Smokey the Cat. Thanks for taking care of him & Pepper.
-Kristen C.

Wonderful place who saw my little guy on an emergency visit with excellent advice.

older man with pitbull

“Everyone was extremely courteous, helpful, and patient. Everyone took the time to explain different options and what the different vaccines were for.”

– Michael M.

Read Older Reviews

I brought my baby Angel in for a checkup. She was anxious but the staff was excellent. I was feeling bad about not having brought my kitty in for a checkup for awhile and they made me feel better about it. The doctor was great with her and went over what dental work she needs. I will recommend MVAH to my friends and co workers and will make sure to bring Angel back in a week or two for blood work. Thanks for a great experience.
-Regis G.

Always a pleasant experience. The staff is excellent!!
-Delores and Marc M.

We are always very pleased with how our family and pets are cared for during Vet visits. The staff always contact us to follow up on our pets health after each visit with a thoughtful inquiry via phone or email. Staff are aware that costs can increase during appointments and are mindful to quote you with prices throughout the appointment so you know exactly how much the services are. This is very helpful. All staff that our family has encountered at MVAH have always been professional, caring and respectful. I recommend MVAH to anyone!
-Christine Y.

Always a pleasant experience with a personal touch.

Very pleasant we were pleased to bring Precious. I would refer to anyone who has pets. The doctor and staff were very friendly. Thank you and we will be back next time.
-Raymond C.

Thank you for taking such good care of my feisty cat. She positively hates going to the vet and I’m always so stressed about her visits. The staff is always so kind to her and understanding that it relaxes me.
-Tam C.

The staff was very informative and courteous!
-Debbie & Barry J.

The folks at MVAH are caring and willing to accommodate any schedule requests, including last-minute emergency office visits. Vets and office staff are friendly, helpful, and provide excellent follow-up.
-Nancy C.

As always, our experience was great! We love everyone that works there. Thank you!
-Ron & Sue D.

Words cannot begin to express the care and comfort all of you provide!

The entire staff is courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, and makes any visit easier for both the owner and pet.
-Elizabeth H.

Great vet. Wonderful & caring staff. Always feel welcome. Great bed side manners with myself & my two dogs. Knowledgeable & always willing to help in any way possible. The facility is always clean & comfortable. Just a great group of people in general. Ive been with Merrimack Valley Animal Hospital for over 3 years.

My wife and I are very happy with the service and the handling of our pet and the doctor is top notch. The staff are very friendly and treat you like a person not a number. Overall it was great and we will be using them as long as we have a pet. Thank you very much and we will be seeing you soon!
-Lisa & Darrel S.

Always super friendly staff! Remembers me and my pets! Been going here for so many years that after I moved 40 minutes away I still make the trip. Trust no one else with my pets.
-Faith & Arin J.

I enjoy bringing my pets here. I know they are well taken care of. The staff is friendly and helpful.
-Michelle D.

Fast, efficient and friendly. They take great care of my Jack Russell Terrier.
-John & Mary C.

My first experience with Dr Belanger. He was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and patient. All the staff are welcoming and friendly. Great experience.

My experience at MVAH has always been positive. The staff are friendly and very professional, my dog loves to go to the clinic and see everyone and he is always welcome with open arms. Response time from the staff on labs always prompt. I would highly recommend MVAH to my friends.

As always, our experience was great! We love everyone that works there. Thank you!
-Ron & Sue D.

Highly recommend MVAH. Their staff is wonderful and very helpful. My dog is not afraid to walk in the building which says a lot! I have referred them to several people and will continue to do so.
-Donna E.

Loved it there! It was extremely clean and everyone was super friendly. I have been to vets before and the Doctors have been cold and not personable, but not here. Everyone had a great personality and were very helpful and informative. In addition, getting a tour of the entire facility was a nice touch. They made myself and my dog very comfortable. The hours are great as well. Another great aspect is that you pets first visit is free in addition to a coupon! I would recommend them in a heartbeat!
-Erin J.

Very professional Veterinarian and staff. Clean, organized and well-run facility.
-John & Mary C.

Thank you for seeing Cola right away. Cola is walking around, back on his paws again! Cola & the Dunn Family thank you.
-Ken D.

I have learned by experience that MVAH and its staff what a wonderful, caring and loving environment MVHA showed our dog Killer (Yorkie) and myself as well. You helped me with caring for Killer from the moment I walked in. Since I walk with a cane, your staff immediately came over and did everything in their power to help me. What a wonderful, caring, calming and wonderful staff. I love the fact that with the little animals the doctor actually gets down on the floor with them and it is so not stressful at all for the pups. Everything, every minute from the time I walked in to the time I was ready to leave, you even helped me out to the car and helped me put Killer into his car seat. I am thrilled with you and your staff and you beautiful facility. Killer now gets the best care around. 😀
-Janice C.

The staff and Dr. W are always very kind and understanding to me and Allie. Although they are often busy, they take their time to explain every aspect of Allie’s care and treatment. Have recommended MVAH to several friends.
-Lorna & Bob H.

Absolutely everyone was so exceptionally friendly and nice! We just had the most wonderful visit with you all. We were immediately greeted and felt right at home, and felt comfortable with their gentle hands. Had a very nice tour of the facility, which was quite impressive. We are looking forward to the next visit. Thanks very much for the top quality service we were expecting!
-MacGregor S.

Absolutely wonderful experience!!! I am so happy that we’ve made the switch.
-Rachael C.

Awesome, as usual. Great care, people and facility. Our dog Bailey didn’t want to leave!
-Craig & Joanne B.

Our experience was excellent. The staff and doctor were friendly, very helpful and informative with regard to animal care and costs. I would highly recommend this hospital to others.

Bandit as u know is a frequent flyer at MVAH and the staff go above and beyond to meet her needs as well as mine. I couldn’t ask for more compassion or better care any where else. They are very accommodating and always find a solution when there is an issue. Bandit is never stressed leaving there and adjusts well after arrivals. I’m very happy with her care. Thank you for the positive experiences!
-Sincerely, Bandit’s mom Christine

The Lovejoy/Gandolfi family LOVES you! Mae and Boo (and our previous two dogs) have been so lucky to have such loving and caring staff, starting at the front desk going all the way to the doctors. 🙂
-Jennifer L.

These folks are the best. Their fondness for people and animals shines through all they do. So happy to call them our vet’s office.
-Maureen & Robert W.

Everyone was extremely courteous, helpful, and patient. Everyone took the time to explain different options and what the different vaccines were for.
-Michael M.

The vet and staff were very pleasant. Figuring out the best course of action and treatment option is always difficult when dealing with a sick pet. I felt I could trust that the vet was giving me the best information possible to make an informed decision about my pet’s care.
-Lisa & Scott M.

Thanks for the wonderful care Rosco has gotten the past 2 weeks!!!!!
-John & Janice M.

Everyone from the receptionist to the tech to the vet were extremely nice and professional. Always a great experience.
-David & Christine N.

Good care for Riley no waiting listened to our concerns clean facility! The gals at desk r great!!
-David & Kate M.

The best animal hospital in town, without a doubt. We have a great relationship w/the doctor, and if i had to recommend a veterinary practice this is the one. They care about your animal and well being like no other. Thank u for the call and ex. treatment.

Our visit to MVAH was awesome. All the techs are amazing but we hold Michelle in especially high regard as she has helped us through some difficult times with great compassion. Our new dog (after losing 2 14 year olds this past year) is pretty nervous but the girls have been very helpful each visit in helping her to grow more comfortable and confident. (In Sept. it will be a year since we had to put down the first of our two 14 year old dogs and Dr. W. was a huge help in the hospice care of this dog.)
-Sarah D.

The doctor and the techs are really great. They treat my cats as they would their own pets. I am extremely satisfied with the care my cats receive at MVAH.
-Scott D.

The staff at Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital are warm and friendly and always keep Ruby’s best interest at heart.
-Midge G.

Bella is a nervous dog and all of the staff including Dr Wojcicki are very nice, gentle and understanding of Bella’s needs. Bellas experience at the clinic was very pleasant and she did not show any signs of stress when she went home. Vet visits used to be so stressful for Bella and myself. It is nice to feel comfortable and know that Bella is being treated in the most gentle manner possible.
-Laura B.

We couldn’t be happier with the care our pets receive at MVAH. The staff is attentive, the docs are easy to talk with, and MVAH follow up every visit with a call or email.
-Nancy C.

Tug & I always enjoy our visits to MVAH! We like it best when they are Healthy Visits not for problems! We always receive a cheery welcome and answers to any questions or concerns we may have! Thank you!

Staff members are always polite and caring whatever the case is with my pet. Also, all of the staff members are always well-informed. There is never a lack of communication amongst staff. We’ve been clients of Merrimack Valley, now, for over 5 years after going through 2 other veterinary care facilities. We are very pleased with the care that we’ve received, as well as the consultations and advice given for our pets.
-Cheryl & Bill S.

The staff & doctors @ MVAH are wonderful. They always remember my name & my dogs & invite us in with open arms (literally), cause my dog likes to give hugs. They are knowledgeable & DO NOT force any extras or make you feel like you should do something your unable to afford or do not feel comfortable with. They have gone out of their way for me & my dogs & I am very thankful for that.
-Ryane L.

Experienced staff most of whom have worked there for a number of years. They know the animals and are gentle and competent. We have confidence in the veterinarian who has excellent credentials and has given our pets high quality treatment.
-Carter S.

Once again, an outstanding experience at MVAH. This past weekend, I took my dog in to be groomed (MVAH has just started with Saturday hours and grooming services) and I can’t not tell you enough how THRILLED I am with the results. He loves going to the vet, everyone loves seeing him and makes him feel so comfortable. Danielle, the groomer, did a great job and I look forward to having her groom him again. Wonderful, wonderful services and facility!
-Amy C.

It was great as usual. Kim gave Buddy his booster shot for the dog flue, glad that’s over. Everyone loves Buddy and are so friendly there. We go in for cat and dog food and Buddy loves everyone there cuz he gets attention and isn’t afraid to go in. He gets excited when I say, “We’re going to the doggy place”. Thanks everyone, Carol and Buddy.
-Carol Z.

As usual, the staff were very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful in diagnosing my Maggie’s source of itching discomfort. I’m waiting on the test they took (the urinalysis) to see why she has blood in her urine. Dr. Wojcicki always knows how to make Maggie feel better. She and Dr. Belanger are the best!
-Jackie L.

My cat is 19 years old, and at this point of her life, I do not believe in putting her through anything more than what is absolutely essential. Even though she has never stepped outside the house even once in her life, law states that she must have her rabies shot. I set up the appointment, grabbed her while she was sleeping & put her into her carrier (she hates riding in the car and always gets car sick). and off we went. There was a different doctor there covering for the day, Dr James Belanger. He was great! He was patient, understanding, supportive of my feelings, and most important, he was gentle with my geriatric cat. No hissing or growling like she usually does. She got an exam and her shot, and we both left feeling good about the visit. If I have to take her back for any reason, it will definately be when he is there if possible.

I was impressed by the facility itself, it was comfortable, well lit and very clean. I was greeted promptly and with kindness. The attending doctor was extremely informative and helpful. I felt that my dog and I were treated with care.
-Melizza C.

Dr W and the Staff at MVAH are the best. Austin, my golden retriever, gets so excited when we go, cause he gets to spend time with “his friends”. I know he is getting the best care possible. I have taken ALL of my pets to MVAH, and I could not be happier. And, I might add, each of my dogs, and cats, have lived long, healthy lives, due to the care they received from MVAH.
-Mary Jane S.

I have always experienced friendly and conscientious care at Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital.
-Cara C.

Dr. Wojcicki and her staff are very skilled and caring. She has been my veterinarian for over 15 years and has always taken wonderful care of my animals.
-Lynda C.

I’m very happy with the way the doctors and staff treat my dogs, Maggie and Mollie, and with the courtesy they extend to me, as well. I have been taking my dogs to MVAH for 10 years now. Their facility is spacious and clean, too.
-Jackie L.

As usual, everyone took good care of me and my cat Toonie. I left a voice mail early in the morning and I had an appointment by 10 o’clock. Everyone there is GREAT!
-Carol Z.

Ten years worth of excellent treatment! Vet and staff Always professional, friendly, courteous, informative, patient, and accommodating. Office is clean and well staffed. Love my Vet!
-Juliet & John L.

Always a great experience ! All of my animals are well cared for at MVAH. Thanks so much!
-Noreen W.

Our experience at Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital was excellent. The way they handled and worked with our dog was fantastic. I would highly recommend them.
-Sam & Kim M.

My dogs have always been a loving part of our family. Everyone at MVAH understands that. They know my dog and treat her with the utmost care, both professionally and personally. I have been with them for 33 years and plan on never leaving.
-Nancy E. & Willow

I cannot speak highly enough about Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital. The level of care is excellent. The Doctors and the staff are knowledgeable, and compassionate. They made me feel like my pet was important and not just another patient. They took the time to explain the medications and treatment program. I get emails checking on my pet. It is a great family oriented practice.
-Lorraine B.

I love MVAH! I recommend them to all of my friends and family!

Great experience as always! Thank you! xo TUG
-Debbie & Jay L.

As always, the staff at Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital were exceptional! The staff is aware of Brandy’s moods and able to anticipate them -cookies always help! We will never take our dogs elsewhere. Tamara
-Tamara & Tim K.

Easy to get appointment, fast service upon arrival, true caring from the staff who obviously love animals.
-Ronald L.

Very friendly, on time, & always follow up.

Jack has received excellent care at MVAH. The staff are friendly, patient and handle pets and owners with care.
-Normal L.

Our visit was very good. Very friendly and helpful people. The doctor seems to me to be very seasoned and caring.
-Christine & Tom B.

I really like the system you are using for appointment reminders and scheduling. As for Cooper’s procedure, the staff was very helpful and kind. I felt comfortable knowing he was in good hands. Communication was well done.
-Cheryl P.

The staff at Merrimac Valley are always courteous and professional. They always go above and beyond to help fulfill the needs of your pet. I always leave there feeling my pet has had the best care possible!!
-Delores & Marc M.

They have always been a listening ear to any of my concerns. The staff is great!
-Kim & Mike T.

Excellent service, they always have what I need and are courteous and caring about my cat.
-Gary K.

My dog loves his visits. Everyone in the office is friendly and knowledgable. I trust the advice I’ve been given by the staff and the treatment from the vet. They do not push unnecessary procedures and vaccines. They really try to understand the lifestyle of the pet and educate you as a pet owner and consumer to do what’s best for your pet.

I have been going to MVAH for years. The doctors and staff are great and really care about my pets. No question is too stupid, and if they are having an operation they don’t mind me calling a million times to see how they’re doing. If I call with a problem they tell me to come down, no appointment. Dr. Wojcicki went out of her way to come to my house to put 1 of my cats peacefully to sleep. I just got a new puppy BUDDY and I am so glad they are there for me!
-Carol Z.

Professional, caring service. Have brought my cats here for six years.

Even though I came in just to buy a case of cat food, I was treated the same as if I was coming in for an emergency or regular appointment. Staff always friendly and courteous.
-Bruce C.

Always a positive friendly experience.

The doctor went above and beyond treating my Bandit who has had an ongoing skin condition for some time. He answered my emails in a timely manner and acted on them immediately. The staff is always caring and courteous. They were all accommodating to Bandits needs to make sure she got her medication ASAP to make her more comfortable and start the healing process. Kudos to all the staff at MVAH!! Thank you!!
-Christine E.

Great care, both medically and emotionally, by entire staff. Clean and pleasant environment. My dog loves to visit.

Very pleasant and helpful staff. They go out of their way to make things easy for people and pets.
-Nancy C.

We have been taking our dogs to MVAH for several years. The staff is very personable and they are always compassionate when dealing with difficult and painful situations. The wait time is always minimal, and that is important when you have a fidgety animal on your hands. The doctor never makes me feel rushed and is always very thorough with the exam and questions to help make a diagnosis. I would recommend this practice highly.
-Maryann & Tom N.

I was very pleased. My two dogs, who are both nervous nellies when it comes to the vet, were more relaxed than I’d ever seen them.
-Katherine S.

We’ve been going to MVAH for as long as I can remember and the staff is always warm and friendly and the medical care is great. I always feel that my pets are well cared for at MVAH.
-Jeff & Dara C.

Our visit was a simple one in that Molly required only her Rabies Shot. As usual Molly was her very shy self with new people and she wanted to withdraw from the tech staff as possible. Molly did however take some treats from the staff, which was progress for Molly. The staff were great with Molly and all went well.
-Patricia M.

-Gudrun E.

MVAH has been a savior for me & my dog, Juneau. They are understanding, caring & willing to do what they can to accommodate your financial needs but also taking into account the best interest for your dog(s). The staff are knowledgeable & personable. The office is clean, professional & inviting. I also always feel comfortable asking the staff questions. I would recommend them to anyone.
-Ryane L.

Friendly and knowledgable staff.
-Peter C.

Have brought all of our animals over many years to Merrimac Valley. Very accommodating and pleasant to work with. Nothing but professional and caring.
-Jeffrey & Kelliann P.

I feel very comfortable and at ease when I bring my cat in. The Doctors and other staff members are very loving to the animals and understanding to the owners. Information is always great and advice is as well. I wouldn’t go any where else for my pets needs.
-Christine T.

I visited MVAH for the first time yesterday and they were extremely wonderful to deal with. My golden retriever had been having some trouble with his ears and the staff at MVAH quickly came to a diagnosis and provided a solution right there on the spot. They have a coupon for a free exam for first-time patients that can be found on their website. This was extremely helpful since vet appointments can be pretty expensive more often than not. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a vet in the Amesbury area.

We always have an excellent experience at MVAH. The staff are concerned, knowledgeable, and attentive to our needs. I can’t imagine being happier anywhere else!
– Emily D.

Tally had his one-year checkup with Dr. Belanger, whom we had never met before. It was a great experience. As always, the techs are fantastic. Kim does a super job.
– Jane W.

Dr Wojcicki is wonderful.
– Nancy K.

MVAH staff is very devoted to our pet family. They are personable, thoughtful and professional. I feel comfortable having them care for our pets.
– Lorna and Bob H.

As always, excellent customer service.
– Bruce C.

Very caring office from the office staff/assistants to the doctors. Truly care about my 14-year-old Golden…Bailey!
– Henry C.

The staff and Dr. Wojo have been nothing but professional, compassionate and knowledgeable in the care they have given to my Butchie for over 10 years and my other 2 pups for the past 5 years. I would recommend them to anyone who wants the best for their fur-babies.
– Julie V.

MVAH is an outstanding practice! Dr. W and her staff make my dog feel so welcome. They are always available to answer questions and take the time to make sure we feel comfortable on our visits. Prices are very reasonable, I can always get an appointment when I need, and the staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend MVAH to anyone in the Amesbury area looking for a vet.
– Amy C.

They always provide excellent care for our dog, are reasonably priced, and follow up. We couldn’t ask for more.
– Lorri E.

I have been to a few animal hospitals in the seacoast over the years and this is the best one that I have ever used. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and they have always treated my pets as gently as possible. The hours are very accommodating and the referral hospitals when needed that they recommend are outstanding. We have a little dog that needed back surgery and they immediately diagnosed the problem and contacted the neurologist. They help make arrangements for an MRI and subsequent surgery. Unbelievably, our dog was walking the next day pain free.
– Anonymous