Less Stress Vet Visits

At Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, we call ourselves the “Less Stress Vets” because we want our clients to know that we go above and beyond to ensure that your pet is happy and comfortable in our care. We want to ensure that YOU feel better, too. How do we do this? Let us show you!

What a Less Stress Visit Looks Like at Our Animal Hospital

You and your pet’s peace and comfort during your time at our animal hospital is extremely important to our team. We are always looking for ways to make veterinary visits less stressful for our patients and clients so that they will be relaxed and comfortable without experiencing unnecessary anxiety. Some of the ways we encourage less stress visits for our patients everyone are:

  • “Through a Dog’s Ear” and “Through a Cat’s Ear” commercially recorded music playing in the exam rooms to reduce anxiety.
  • Gentle handling of pets.
  • Minimized time pets are left in waiting room area.
  • Pheromones sprayed in the air and on blankets and towels to calm pets. We can recommend products you can use at home, too.
  • Anti-anxiety medications to be given at home before the visit to decrease stress during the car ride and upon arrival at the hospital.
  • Soft, calm speaking around pets.
  • Veterinarians do not wear white coats because that can be a shockingly bright color to pets.
  • Color palette of rooms chosen to be calming.
  • LOTS of special treats, including cheese-on-a-plate, a favorite of many of our canine clients that not only distracts pets but can also give them something to look forward to.
  • …and more!

“Bella is a nervous dog and all of the staff including Dr. Wojcicki are very nice, gentle and understanding of Bella’s needs.”

– Laura B., Salisbury

Our team understands how anxiety-inducing even the simplest veterinary visits can be for some pets, and how stressful that can make veterinary care for their owners. We make it our goal to provide comfort and stress-free treatment to your pet while also making the visit easier on you. Our team is trained in low-stress handling techniques and our hospital is designed around the needs of anxious patients.

Learn More About Less Stress Vet Visits

To learn more about our stress-free veterinary visits and the methods we employ to put your pet at ease, please contact our team. We call ourselves the “Less Stress Vets” for a reason! Your pet’s comfort is always on our minds and we’re constantly looking for new ways to make sure our patients are relaxed and stress-free.