Pet Nutrition in Amesbury: Receptionist Gives Dog a Treat

Pet Nutrition

Nutrition is just as important for our pets as it is for us! At Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, we provide complete veterinary nutrition counseling, because we understand how difficult it is to determine the best food for your pet. Marketing techniques often rule the decisions we make about our pets’ diets. Many pet owners choose a diet for their pet based on commercials, print ads, web ads, or packaging that indicate the food is made with fresh vegetables, premium cuts of meat, and natural ingredients, but often advertising is deceptive.

Our Nutritional Recommendations

Dr. Wojcicki offers her services to help pet owners choose the best nutrition for their companion. She analyzes a pet’s current diet in detail, even contacting the food manufacturer for more information about the quality and quantity of the nutrients. Once she assesses her findings, she reports back to her clients with the information as well as her determination about whether the diet meets the pet’s nutritional needs. A nutritionally balanced diet is so important for each pet that Dr. Wojcicki is committed to doing any legwork necessary to get her patients on the right track.

MVAH strongly recommend Hill’s Pet Nutrition Diets. Healthy dogs and cats will benefit from the balanced, safe nutrition of the Healthy Advantage line of diets for different lifestages. We can help you find the best choice for puppies, kittens, adults, and seniors. If your pet needs a specialized diet for a health condition the Prescription Diet line of foods will be recommended. Many of the diseases and conditions we commonly diagnose such as bladder stones, dental tarter, obesity, arthritis, itchy skin, diabetes, kidney disease and others benefit from special diets.

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Pet Nutrition in Amesbury: Cat Eats From Silver Dish

“I have always experienced friendly and conscientious care at Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital.”

– Cara S., Amesbury