Dog and Cat Allergy Testing and Treatments in Amesbury, MA

At Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, we provide complete allergy testing for pets to ensure that we can diagnose the causes of your pet’s allergy conditions. Some symptoms that you may notice as a sign of your pet’s allergies and associated skin conditions will be vastly different from the human allergy symptoms of runny noses and sneezing. These signs in pets may include:

  • Crusty, scabby skin
  • Dirty, red, swollen ears
  • Flaky or greasy hair coat
  • Foul odor from the ears
  • Hot spots
  • Itching, scratching, and licking anywhere on the body
  • Rashes
  • Red, gray, or black discoloration to skin
  • Thick, rough skin
  • Unusual smell from the skin
  • Redness or irritated eyes
  • …and more

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Pet Allergy Testing Options

When your pet is showing any of these signs, we recommend that you schedule your pet appointment with us for an evaluation. Our team will perform a complete physical examination to check on the symptoms you’ve identified and also to identify any other signs that may be less obvious. Pets may be the victims of environmental allergies, just like us, but they may also be allergic to human dander, fleas, or ingredients in their food! We will discuss in depth how allergies are diagnosed and conduct allergy blood tests and food trials, if needed, to ensure that your pet’s health needs are met. There are many options for dog and cat treatment of allergy symptoms but the most advanced treatment options at this time are the medications Atopica and Apoquel, two very effective alternatives to steroids in the fight against allergic itch.

Schedule Your Dog or Cat’s Allergy Examination

We invite you to contact us today to schedule your pet’s allergy screening if you are noticing any of these symptoms. Dog and cat allergies are treatable and your pet should not have to suffer! The Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital team can help.

Dermatology Services in Amesbury

Skin care is an important concern for the veterinary team at Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital. Skin and ear problems are one of the most common reasons we see patients for examinations. We routinely see pets with fleas, mange, infections, ringworm, and allergies to food, molds, pollens and other things in the environment. Skin allergies and ear infections are particularly common and we specialize in their diagnosis and treatment. We take the time to explain the symptoms and cause and often can offer several options for dog and cat allergy treatment. Allergies can be extremely frustrating for pet owners because there is no cure and even with the best care, symptoms may recur many times in a pet’s life. You may observe these skin conditions or obvious irritation in the ears and not be sure what caused the problem. At Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, we are here to not only provide support but also to provide answers.

Allergy Testing for Pets

Our team knows that one of the most frustrating aspects of allergies in pets is the difficulty identifying the irritant. We provide allergy testing for pets, using simple blood testing submitted to Greer via IDEXX, our laboratory. Most importantly, once the allergens are identified and we begin a treatment plan, our veterinarians provide ongoing education and support to you, maximizing the benefits of treatment. Our goal is to minimize itch and infection with the least amount of medication and veterinary visits.

Ear Infections

Many dogs and cats have multiple ear infections every year. At the very least they are annoying to pets and people but in some circumstances they can be severe, resulting in permanent changes to the structure of the ear canal, rupture of the ear drum and even cause a head tilt and balance problems. Some ear infections can be due to allergies to ingredients in their food and MVAH can discuss hypoallergenic diet trials with you. Other times ear infections are related to allergies to dusts, pollens and other things in their environment that are impossible to avoid. We can help with treatment of ear infections and help trying to prevent them from happening in the first place.