Travel Documents and Cat and Dog Health Certificates in Amesbury, MA

Are you taking a trip and bringing your pet with you? Whether you are flying or driving, crossing state lines or traveling internationally, there are certain requirements for accompanying pets. Here are four contacts to help you ensure that your pet has met all requirements for travel:

  • The Airline. If you are flying, you will need to be in touch with the airline to learn what their requirements are for pet travel, including crate or carrier size, restrictions, etc.
  • The Consulate of Your Destination Country. If you are leaving the country, it’s very important that you know what the destination country requires for importing your pet. For example, some countries require more paperwork than others, some require a quarantine period, and some island nations have even stricter guidelines.
  • The USDA. The USDA website offers very helpful guidelines, listed by destination, to help you ensure that you have met all requirements. It is important to check this website frequently as many countries change or update their requirements regularly.
  • The Veterinary Team at Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital. We are here to help you make all the arrangements for your pet to travel, including examinations, vaccinations, testing, parasite control, and documentation. Travel with pets internationally and to Hawaii can be especially challenging. It can take more than a month to complete all the requirements, so plan ahead!