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Leaving your dog home alone can be difficult, especially when you know they have specific emotional needs and will miss you while you are gone. That being said, sometimes jobs or other obligations prevent you from being there all the time. You should devise a plan for your dog that will work for both of you.

You should never leave your dog home alone for more than four hours in Amesbury. It is just unfair to your dog. Puppies should not be left alone for that long, as they are still learning and growing. Realizing how long you can leave your dog home often depends on the individual dog.

Dogs often get lonely when you are not there. They also need plenty of exercise throughout the day to keep them active and occupied. Dogs also need stimulation, and toys are helpful with providing it. Read on to discover out more about how long you should leave your dog home alone.

How Long Should a Dog be Home Alone?

You should not leave your dog alone for more than four hours. If your dog can be alone for this long without any accidents or relieving himself in your home, it is okay to leave him for that long. If not, then you should make other arrangements. However, dogs tend to get lonely without their human companions around. They are not self-sufficient like cats. Even if your dog can tolerate being home alone for four hours, experts say some dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Know your dog well enough to know about when it is time to come home.

It is even more important for dogs who spend those hours in a crate to get some exercise as soon as you can make it home. Puppies, however, should only be left alone for short periods. Older dogs who are less active can be left alone for more extended periods. Ideally, it would be best if you only were away from your dog for as little time as possible. If you train your dog from a puppy, they will become acclimated to being alone when away from the house.

Train your puppy from a young age and try doing it in gradual stages.  (see video) When done gradually, rather than just leaving them at home for hours when they are puppies, they have time to get used to it. Walking your dog before you leave the house is another good idea. This exercise allows them to rest easy while you are gone. Dog toys are also a great distraction from you not being there.

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What is Too Long When Leaving Your Dog Alone at Home?

As mentioned above, you should not leave your dog home alone for more than four hours. However, when you get up to six hours, you are pushing it. Believe it or not, there are animal neglect and cruelty laws that consider it unlawful for you to neglect your pup.

Leaving your dog home alone for the weekend, as some people tend to do, is also not a good idea. It is unfair to the dog to leave them at home for this long. You should be aware of your dog’s emotional needs when you consider leaving them home alone.

If you do not have a job that permits you to spend all day with your dog, consider the following options:

  • Getting a neighbor or someone you trust to walk your dog
  • Taking your pup to doggy daycare so they can be social
  • Installing a doggy door so they can come and go as they wish
  • Come home on your lunch break to let your dog out

Just What Does Your Dog do When He is Alone?

Your dog misses you when you are gone. However, they tend to find ways to either distract themselves or occupy themselves, so they do not have to focus on missing you. If you have ever questioned what your dog does while you are out of the house, down below are some of the possible scenarios.

4 Things Dogs do When they are Alone Include:

  • They sleep – Dogs love to take advantage of you not being there to keep them off the couch or your bed. If you take them for a walk before you leave, there is a better chance that they can get some sleep. This sleeping will probably take place on the couch or your bed.
  • They cause mischief – Some dogs who have separation anxiety will often bark, bite things, chew things, and even urinate in the house. It is essential to address these problems as soon as possible.
  • They play with their toys – Dogs love to play with their favorite toys while you are gone because it keeps them from being bored and causing mischief. Please make sure you get your dogs toys they can or destroy.
  • They get excited for you to come home – You know how some dogs wait by the door to greet their human companions once they come home? These dogs tend to anxiously await your arrival the minute you leave. Your dog adores you and misses you when you are away.

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There are many different ways your dog can handle you being away from the house. They eat, drink, sleep, get bored, and most of all, they miss you. Some dogs have separation anxiety, which will cause them to be lonely when left alone for long periods. You must make sure before you leave the house that your dog is comfortable and occupied.

Preparing your Puppy to Stay Home Alone

Puppies should not be left isolated for long in Amesbury, as they are still very dependent on their pet parent. Puppies need to learn, gradually, that it is okay when you leave the house because you will be back soon.

The following are steps to prepare your puppy to stay home alone:

Step 1 – Start training your puppy to be home alone at short intervals

Step 2 – Leave your pup with fun toys or puzzles to keep their mind stimulated

Step 3 – Crate train your puppy

Step 4 – Keep your comings and goings low key

By following this advice, you can help your sweet fur baby be more comfortable when you are away. Be patient and loving with your puppy, and make sure they always have something to do when you leave, whether it is sleeping or playing.

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Your dog will miss you when you are away in Amesbury. Your dog will learn that being alone is okay and can be fun by putting these variables into practice. Dogs are like children, and they learn to adapt by having a routine. Start training them from an early age, and they will come to understand that you will always come home. 

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