The Importance of Annual Wellness Care for Pets

annual pet exams

Annual veterinary care is so important for your pet’s ongoing health. At Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, we recommend that all pets come in for care at our veterinary hospital in Amesbury at least once a year. Some pets may need twice annual wellness checks if they have ongoing health conditions that require continued treatment or if they are in their senior years. Annual wellness visits generally include the following:

  • A nose to tail examination to identify any physical concerns
  • An oral examination to determine whether professional dental care is in order
  • Parasite tests to determine whether your pet is safe from heartworms and intestinal parasites
  • Additional diagnostic tests may be administered if the attending veterinarian recognizes signs that your pet may have a health condition
  • Discussion about your pet’s lifestyle, weight, diet, etc. to ensure they are receiving the care they need
  • Discussion of preventive measures being used to protect your pet from parasites

Open Communication Between Pet Owners and Veterinarians

At Merrimac Valley Animal Hospital, our veterinarians believe in open communication with pet owners. While we conduct your pet’s examination, we will discuss their needs with you to ensure that we have all the information we need to make an accurate diagnosis. After all, you know your pet better than anyone else!

We invite you to talk with our veterinary team today to schedule a visit with us for your pet.

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