Winter Pet Safety in Amesbury, MA

A lot of pets seem to love playing in the snow, and it’s fun to watch. But if kept outside for long periods of time, they can become vulnerable to frostbite. Cats and dogs alike have some protection thanks to their fur coats, but in time they can succumb to the effects of freezing temperatures. Their ears, nose, and feet lack sufficient cover to be protected from the cold. Bottom line: if you wouldn’t live your child outside in the cold, then you shouldn’t leave your pet outside, either.

Invest in Winter Pet-Wear

Some pet owners may scoff at this, but dog sweaters, jackets and shoes can make a world of difference as far as keeping pets warm. They’re especially great for walks! Shoes/booties not only keep feet warm, but also protect the pads from sidewalk salt and can provide traction for walking on ice.

Keep Antifreeze Out of Reach

Antifreeze is another (potential) hazard. It smells and tastes sweet, which is very attractive to our curious pets. Unfortunately, it is also extremely toxic and can be fatal if your pet ingests a large enough amount. Keep any and all antifreeze containers securely closed and kept far out of your pet’s reach. Check for spillage and puddles on the ground in your garage and driveway for good measure. If you’re concerned that your pet may have gotten a taste of antifreeze, let us know immediately. If our office happens to be closed, take your pet to the nearest emergency hospital—it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Winter Pet Safety

Try to Keep Off the Sidewalk (Salt)

Sidewalk salt is not quite as toxic as antifreeze, but it can cause some problems for your pet. It can irritate their feet, and get stuck in their fur. If your pet attempts to lick the salt from their paws and/or coat, it could burn their mouth. If consumed, it could cause digestive upset. Check your pet’s fur and paws for any small chunks of salt, and remove them before bringing your pet into the house. You can also wash your pet’s feet with warm water to remove any excess salt.

If you have any additional questions for us regarding winter pet safety, don’t hesitate to call at (978) 388-3074. We’re always happy to be of help!